Flower fairy robe a’la francaise

I have 100% accepted that this dress is a pretty pretty princess fantasy and not AT ALL accurate to the 18th century. I don’t care, I think it will be lovely.

I’m trying this new thing where I keep a costuming journal, so here’s the plan:

The stomacher/petticoat is a subtle pale blue-grey cotton shirting with some sheen. The main fashion fabric is arranged so that the flowers grow up from the hem. There is no self-fabric trim other than a deep ruffle on the petticoat.

The stomacher will have the following ribbon embroidery design, but with pink poppies

From this book, which is full of fabulous and original ribbon embroidery designs. Some of the designs I’ve seen can be a bit….mumsy… but these are all beautiful

Sonce I have no draping experience I’m using this bad boy

Not sure what the engageantes will be– maybe crepe de chine?

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