Mah Christmas List

Yes, I know, it is still November… but when you like crafty things from small businesses you need to start planning this early.


If you are interested in purchasing me a gift! That would be awesome! Here are some ideas!

My Etsy favorites

This book, if you can find it

Yup, it’s another book

WHY is this so expensive? And also so helpful??

Alternatively, this is similar but cheaper

A gift certificate for here

Or here!

These are surprisingly hard to find

I fell down this rabbit hole recently…

If you want to get me this, message me so we can work out the options

And if anyone wants to research belt styles for middle-class women in 1480s-1530s Spain and then make me/procure me one that is accurate to that style, that would be awesome. Cuz I don’ wanna. But I might have webpages of images open already…

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