Fantasy Fabric Shopping…. pt 1

So I am trying a new thing here.  I see a lot of costumers online who have….for lack of a better term…..actual income?  And they make the most gorgeous amazing things in silk and fine lace and I don’t do that just because, well.  I can’t.  I might not ever be able to do that since conservation is not the most lucrative industry and if you have met me you know I have a lot of anxiety about spending money.


So today we are going to indulge in a little bit of fantasy land and design a set I would make if I DIDN’T have the budget restrictions I do now.

I was very happily able to make it to the James Tissot: Fashion and Faith exhibit at the Legion of Honor when I was home over Christmas.  Tissot is one of the most prolific and well-known painters active in the 1870s and a common source for natural form dresses.  One that particularly caught my eye was this


That dress!  It’s so extra, I love it.  So today we’re going to pretend-source the materials to make my version of this dress.

While I like the gold, I’m not sure it’s a color I would actually wear.  So I think for the main body of the gown I want to use Mood’s silk duchesse satin in Victorian Mauve and Candlelight Glow Grey.  I probably need at least 10 yards at $59.99/yd.

Some of those flounces look like they’re pleated organza, so let’s get this lovely antique white organza as well to use as an accent.  It shouldn’t be too harsh white against the subtle colours of the satin.

Let’s also assume that I already have the underpinnings for this and I’m not making new petticoats out of Tana lawn and a corset out of silk/cotton satin this is giving me enough anxiety as is.

We also need ribbons and of course some lace.  I’m not actually sure where you can get 3″ wide silk satin ribbon other than Lacis, but I’ll find some eventually.  It will probably run me about $20/yd.

I think I would go for a slightly different track on her lace cuffs– I love duchess and point de gaze but I can’t afford it.  I think a beautiful antique pair of cuffs would go with the soft, romantic color scheme we have going here. Sadly I don’t think I would be able to find duchess yardage to make the yoke and sleeves– not to mention bringing myself to cut into it– so maybe this from Sophie Hallette?  There’s also some lovely Leaver’s lace at €300/meter if I decide I like that better.   AND I still need something for the collar ruffles and this is nice— although this seller doesn’t have enough, so I would need to look elsewhere.


You know what, I’m not enjoying this any more.






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