Blackwork decision tree

After two years working at Lacis, and being a frequent patron of both Needle in a Haystack and Old World Designs Needlepoint, I’ve tried a lot of threads.  No really.  A lot.  Go on Lacis’ website for an idea of exactly how much thread they stock.


A while back I wrote up this chart for a friend who was interested in making a blackwork coif and wasn’t sure about threads, and I thought I’d share it here!

Some other notes!

My favorite linens to embroider on are:

Lacis’ Riviera linen (not cheap, this is what I am using for my LACS coif)

Burnley and Trowbridge’s Cambric linen (better price, this is what William’s Pelican shirt is made of)

And if I realllllly want to splurge…. I can usually find something gorgeous at Britex, but that isn’t really an option if you aren’t near San Francisco.


Hope this helps some people make decisions about their embroidery!


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