I hate titles (and deadlines)

Sooo I did what I always do with sewing projects: start out with no deadline, decide I want to wear the thing to an event, freak out about getting it done, then sew frantically.


I’m normally good at that! Just not with sewing, apparently.

I watched 2.5 movies on Monday and embroidered through my nutritionist appointment and finished the “blackwork” and upon my return to Berkeley yesterday proceeded to sew like crazy.

As expected I bag lined the bodice and then turned over the armhole edges and bottom by hand.

And took minimal photos because I’m bad at this blogging thing.

However, it now looks like this


Next step is eyelets (and sleeves) but I don’t have an all so that’s going to have to wait until after work today.

Also also also teeny tiny rolled hems on my camicia because I am Proud of that.

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