Why am I like this

Don’t tell my dad… But I’m probably going to Costume College this year. Thanks to my mom for helping me take on the expenses!

When a super friendly trio of local costumers talked me into this at the shop on Friday, I had two objections:

1) money (solved by my mom) and

2) I’m completely nuts and know I wouldn’t want to show up at CoCo without Impressive Costumes because I have this tendency to judge myself against people who have been doing this for years and again, why am I like this. 

The theme this year is all about Royalty. Sane me realized that I could totally wear my extant 1870s ballgown to the gala!

Crazy me decided that was basically cheating. It’s a costuming event after all….

Soooo I started thinking and thought it would be fun to do someone from a pre-raphaelite painting. It helps that I have long, wild, reddish hair, very fair skin, and ridiculous eyebrows, so I look a bit like a pre-raphaelite painting anyway.

Problem is that the brotherhood wasn’t one for painting royalty, so if I’m really gonna do this completely illogical thing, I have limited options.

The Princess Sabra Led to the Dragon by Edward Byrne-Jones. Dress is not interesting. NEXT.

Millais’ Ophelia. Probably the best known pre-raphaelite painting but the textile of the dress looks complicated and I can’t find a high-res photo to see exactly what’s going on there. Also slight niggling detail that Ophelia isn’t actually royalty. We’ll call this a maybe.

Rossetti’s Proserpina. This is my first choice– teal duchess satin is a winner in my book, and the pomegranate is an easy prop. And yeah, she’s the Queen of Hades, not France, but I’m fine with that.  If I henna my hair before I go it’ll be about the right color, too.

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