Moar Catalan details

I got a book!

Thanks to the fabulous Carolyn for the recommendation– this book is nuts. Ridiculous amounts of information about what Queen Isabella, Catherine of Aragon, Juana la Loca, and more wore and owned.

If I get ambitious I might try and replicate one of Isabella’s simpler outfits, maybe one that won’t require $1000 of fake jewels because she routinely wore hundreds of rubies and pearls.

I also got excited to see some familiar paintings in there!

Apparently these are pantofles and not pattens. My bad.

I was waffling about hair– do I go with the caps from Suitors of the Virgin, knowing they might be allegorical, or do I go with a wood-cut of a Catalonian woman I found in Everyday Clothing of the Renaissance showing a scarf-based version of the Italian trinzale?

I’m going with the trinzale thing because there are no caps like that anywhere in this book. I ordered a silk scarf (and some fabric for another thing) from Dharma this morning. If they ship it Tuesday I should get it by Saturday– they’re so close. If not I’ll just buy some chiffon at work on Friday. I love working in a fabric store!

As much as I’d love to wear slippers and pantofles…. That ain’t happening. I’ve got a pair of soft-soled leather boots that’ll do, especially with a dress over them.

One last detail I thought was cool– the word ropa was originally a type of coat! In modern Spanish it’s just “clothing”

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