The last week has been a little unusual…. there’s been a lot of stress at work and I took on a ridiculous project with, typically, too little time. I (predictably) didn’t get finished pictures but here are some snaps– you’ll get the idea

Thankfully he liked the gift!

I also discovered the Cosplanner app which is basically the ultimate version of that excel spreadsheet from last time:

My organization brain L O V E S this nonsense. So much.

Although I should probably get back to sewing sequins on my CoCo gala dress I am instead planning my Spanish 1520s dress…. It’s just such a cool time period! My main references are as follows:

From Das Trachtenbuch, available as Everyday Clothing of the Renaissance. Great book and LOTS of Spanish clothes.

Detail from St Felix Preaching by Joan de Burgunya at some church. I love the trim placement on the front dress.

Empress Isabella of Portugal– super helpful in terms of clear detail and construction. Funny story, this portrait is actually c. 1535 but she wasn’t the most erm…. fashion-forward empress, which I can respect!

Construction is going to be based on the Henrician gown in the Tudor Tailor book, although with a different chemise, no kirtle sleeves, and a different shaped gown sleeve. Then if I make tie-on sleeves for the kirtle and a separate English gown that will go under the jerkin from my mom’s velvet. I’m using #43 from Patterns of Fashion 3 which I don’t have photos of because I am bad at this blogging thing. Sigh.

On an unrelated note…. I submitted for CoCo limited classes this morning! Excited about the 16th century ruff class particularly.

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