Adventures in pin curls

Soooo here’s a question I’ve been working on– how the fuck do you get a vaguely 1940s look to your hair when it’s long enough to sit on?

The internet has been unhelpful in this quest. If you search “pin curls long hair” you get instructions for bra strap length hair at the longest. Not mid thigh.

My thought was this– set the front, and then pull it back into a bun or snood. Ok. How to do this?

Step 1: set the front of your hair. I like pillow rollers as they are comfy to sleep on.

I parted my hair on the side and set three rollers– two on the deep side of the part and one on the shallow. The two “deep” ones I rolled under and the other I rolled up.

Demonstrating the length of my hair
Finished set up

I dampened my hair with water before rolling since my lottabody has gone missing. The hardest part is if your hair is too long to keep under tension when you’re rolling. Just start where you can and kinda tuck the ends in– you’re only really interested in the top of the hair anyway.

Step 2: braid and sleep

Step 3: 12 hours later, unwind all the rollers.

Unlike most internet instructions I don’t brush my hair a lot during the brush-out step as it’s too long to smooth back nicely afterwards. So I just brush a little with a boar bristle brush.

I tried two ways– a simple low bun or a snood.

I like the snood better as it’s a softer effect and looks less like how I wear my hair 95% of the time anyway.

I’m happy with this as a first attempt, but I want to play with a different setting pattern. I also want to make a few copies of this snood– it’s vintage deadstock and super pretty and I should’ve bought 3 more when I had the chance.

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