*Assorted life updates*

I’m on my couch with a miserable head cold and went “hey, do you know what I haven’t done in a while? Written a blog post!”

This is not because I haven’t been doing anything, but because I’ve mostly been trudging along on projects without really documenting them or making definitive progress.

The PEERS 1942 dance (which I refuse to call Swinging with Peggy Carter and resolutely insist is a Bletchley Park event) is tomorrow. If my head feels less like exploding I should be there!

Making my dress took two tries because I made some dumb fabric choices

You see all the gathers at the bust? Yeah, turns out if you use a slightly stiff cotton lamé that looks exceedingly dumb and not at all 1940s. Redone in a bamboo jersey it’s so much better. I still have to add snaps and I’m debating shoulder pads. I really should for the 1940s look but my shoulders are gigantic enough already.

A second try at 1940s hairstyles on mid thigh hair produced this

So much better than the first time! I’m doing this but with a snood, a corselette from What Katie Did (of course), seamed stockings, and my 1930s oxfords. Photos to come!

In other news I made it to another SCA event! Since I work on Saturdays I’m aiming for one a month, which is fewer than I would like but I really can’t miss work more than that. This one was Cynaguan Coronet up in the mountains and it was lovely. The sierras soothed something in my soul that I didn’t know was bothering me.

HOWEVER, I am getting really sick of how annoying it is to get that f@!÷*.: dress on by myself. Since my next event is in Napa in June, I’m throwing another one together based on this woodcut:

This one will lace up the FRONT and the sleeve ribbons will be stitched down so I don’t have to walk up to someone, hold my arm out, and pout at them until they tie my ribbons for me.

Six yards of pale lilac 3.5 oz linen should be waiting for me in Palo Alto on Sunday. I’m gonna line the bodice and sleeves with leftover linen from my stays so it’ll breath better than the red dress, which is a cotton/linen blend lined with cotton twill.

The fucking sequins are almost done and I am beyond sick of them.

Other than that I’ve taken on some garb commissions/gifts for other SCA folks, which is super cool. I haven’t been in the community very long and the fact that I am already being recognized for my costuming blows my mind a little bit. But in a good way!

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