New dress, who dis?

Dress! Done! Pretty! I can put it on by myself!

Quick overview:

Based on this

With one modification– this appears to be more like the later Italian styles where the dress laces over the chemise at the front. I didn’t want to do that–for a couple reasons, including modesty– so I decided to make this a mock overdress with a stomacher to mimic another layer. This is seen in period.

Check out the lady in the back.

Materials: The lilac is 3 oz linen from fabrics-store. It’s backed with 7 oz linen left over from my 18th century stays, and the stomacher is natural linen from the strength layer of my fencing doublet. Sleeve bars are Kanagawa 11mm silk ribbons and the lacing is #3 cordonnet.

It needs a good steam-the skirt is crumpled from hemming- but otherwise I’m happy. It’s comfortable and lightweight, and somehow manages to actually give me cleavage. That never happens.

I started a reversible blackwork band for the neckline of my chemise– originally I put a drawstring in so I could adjust it, but I’ve found the place I want it so the drawstring is getting covered with a period neck binding.

Complete with ridiculous embroidery. Because it’s me.

I thought this was moderately but not ridiculously crazy…. and then two embroidery Laurels told me I’m nuts. Whoops.

In other news

Fucking sequins: waiting on more sequins. About 1/4″ from done.

Gift garb: Sewing lacing eyes on the venetians, doublet fashion fabric and lining are ready to fit at Crown

Burnley & Trowbridge has gorgeous linen cambric for my 1520s chemise

Burnley & Trowbridge also has wool worsted for $13/yd and The Medieval Tailor’s Apprentice is a terrible influence. Stop making me dream of a perfect-fitting cotehardie. That’s not even my period!

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