A good look at the inside of my head

Andddd…. it’s a mess.  I have pretty severe anxiety and depression and while it’s well managed with medication, therapy, and excellent friends, I’m having some bad days and it’s showing.  For one, I am having the worst freaking project ADHD.

To be fair I’ve got 9 or 10 projects going right now with various degrees of urgency but I have never before been in a place where I really want to craft but it’s not about one project.  I’m jumping from one to another to another to wanting to buy more fabric (that I don’t need) and this is very different from how my brain normally functions.  I’m still getting stuff done, it’s just in bits and pieces.

Here’s what’s on the table:


I’m making my friend Darrin (he of the stupidly complicated device) some garb.  He does 13th C Swedish which is luckily a lot less tailored that what I usually make because what I really didn’t need right now was another complicated project that required fitting.  The surcote is a lightweight black wool twill and the cote is a green silk crepe de chine that’s been in about 5 dyepots at this point but finally doesn’t look like crap.  The surcote is getting embroidered around the hem and eventually the cuffs and sleeves in a silver #8 perle– originally I wanted to use some soie d’algier I had in a bin but as you can see in the picture the embroidery stitch I chose really does look better in a more tightly twisted thread.

2018-08-19 11.06.20

The surcote has a partially sewn hem, a neckline, a clasp, and some hem embroidery.  I keep jumping back and forth between sewing the hem and embroidering the hem…. are you starting to see what I mean by project ADHD?

Apologies for the crappy photo my camera does NOT want to focus on the large black blob.


A week ago my mom helped me drape a pattern for a late 15th century Hispano-Flemish kirtle using some truly ugly scrap fabric and a lot of pins.  A late 15th C Hispano-Flemish kirtle is basically a cotehardie so you know what we’re going to CALL it a cotehardie because it’s much easier to type.  Cool.

We used the tutorial from Cotte Simple for a curved-front supportive dress and while the draping process was traumatizing for everyone involved (sorry for being a control freak mom…..) the dress is turning out pretty dang good.

2018-08-18 20.08.05-2.jpg

First real try-on last night– I’ve since made the neckline more rounded since it’s too V-shaped but on the whole I’m pretty happy with this.  It still needs eyelets, a hem, sleeves (ughhhh), and maybe sleeve buttonholes. Undecided.

I have not been working on the Chemise of Doom. I probably should.

The Gatsby Summer Afternoon is in early September so I started working on that this week– I’m using the zig-zag dress from Decades of Style and some navy blue and red striped silk chiffon.  ‘Cept I forgot how goddamn annoying silk chiffon is to work with so I got half the pieces cut out and then gave up.  My hat is going to be in the same colors and is blocked to shape and the edges turned under, and I started adding the ribbon last night.  Gatsby will get its own post when I have, you know, more than one picture.

Some other things that I have going:

2018-08-19 11.05.25.jpg

I started on a pattern from Le Pompe this morning.  This will be an example for my lace class at Great Western War and also a practice for me since a lot of this will go on:



A Spanish-style loose gown based on Patterns of Fashion 3, #45b.  I scaled up the pattern for this a couple days ago and was completely confused by the sleeves.  I’m also not sure if I want to try and get this done ASAP or not– it might be nice to have for Great Western War so I don’t have to wear my stupid rayon velvet cloak, but do I really need more projects? Probably not.



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