When inspiration becomes an overload

I’m on the longest vacation I’ve had since I started working at Lacis a year and a half ago– not counting when I got meningitis, because… no– and as a result I’ve been at my parent’s house since Sunday.  I brought a couple projects with me.  I dyed an ostrich feather for my bonnet that I didn’t end up using, and a yard of silk/rayon velvet for the rollo on my Twelfth Night hat.  I brought the binding fabric for my Spanish Burgundian dress for my mom to cut with her rotary cutter (she’s a quilter) and I’ve been slowly working on my TOP SECRET project for the Lacis secret santa.

But for the most part I’m sewing less than I usually do.  Partially because I’m actually trying to have a vacation, partly because I didn’t bring everything I could be working on (trying to force me to work on things I’m less enthusiastic about) and partly because my wrists are hurting again.  It seems that what hurts the most are not fiddly, repetitive things, but tasks that require a fair amount of force.  Pinching felt, forcing a needle through buckram, etc. are quite painful.  Annoyingly, because I would like to get my ropa done for Boarhunt on Dec 8.

I’m sewing less– but my brain won’t shut up.  The project thoughts and inspirations are almost intrusive, and keep telling me to DO THIS




It’s a lot.

I have sat down and come up with an order– priorities right now are still trying to finish my ropa, the dress for Twelfth Night (I think when I get home I’ll do a second round of sleeve mock-ups, the first lot was pretty close), and the blackwork for my Artisan’s Display.  Luckily that doesn’t hurt my hands or I’d really have a problem.

After that I want to work on making a 16th C kirtle out of worsted madder wool from Burnley and Trowbridge and another, slightly more formal late 15th C dress from black silk shantung.  Once the 16th C kirtle is done (I’m designing it so it should work for ~1520s Spain and Elizabethan England) the focus is going to be on making accessories for that.  I want to have a couple pairs of pin-on sleeves and probably a doublet.  Also, because I’m me, a blackworked coif.

I don’t love Elizabethan court attire, but I’ve become more enamoured with the Elizabethan middle classes, and I’d love to start playing in that ballpark.

I’m also thinking ahead to my move to Scotland– I’m going to ask around to the other tiny humans to see if anyone wants my linen dresses, since those will be less useful– and Saionji gifted me with 6 yards of white Pendleton wool that I’m going to naturally dye and probably make another 14th C fitted dress, taking into account what I learned from the first one.

….we’re not going to think about the two Elizabethan jerkins I have stuff for, or my desire to make late 16th C Spanish attire.  We’re staying practical and on-track with reasonable, versatile base layers that I can use in a variety of weather conditions and situations….

Anyone else have an inspiration problem?  I’m keeping it under control, including establishing a rule that I can’t start something new unless I abandon or finish an old project, but that doesn’t stop my brain from buzzing.

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