Oscar Thoughts

  • What is all this nonsense about not being able to find a host?  Here are some great options
    Brian May, astrophysicist and part-time guitarist of some band called Queen
    Alison Janney
    Trevor Noah
    Maya Rudolph in character as The Judge from The Good Place
    Melissa McCarthy, just have her wear a different hat when she’s the host instead of a nominee.Clearly they just didn’t try very hard
  • There seems to be less pressure for actresses to be very, very thin.  Not to say that a lot of them aren’t still thin, but I feel like they aren’t skeletal.  And some are straight-up normal or plus sized.  I am a fan.
  • Yalitza Aparicio seems like a sweetheart and I am not a huge fan of how the presenters on the carpet were talking down to her.  You couldn’t be bothered to learn how to say hello to her in Spanish?
  • If you had told me a couple years ago that the best pictures nominees would include a Afrofuturist superhero movie, a movie about race relations and the KKK, another movie about race relations, a period piece with queer themes, and a movie about a bisexual man (possibly siren?) and his buddies making a bazillion popular songs, I would have laughed at you.  But here we are.  Also I literally found out a couple weeks ago that We Will Rock You is by Queen.  How I missed that I do not know.
  • Also shout out to the StitchFix commercial for having a little girl who likes spaceships, two plus-sized people, and an interracial queer couple.I’ve got to hurry now or mom will eat all the popcorn.

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