And now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT

You probably come here expecting counted embroidery, ramblings about minimalism, and my adventures in 14th-16th C clothing.

But today we are going FULL FLOOF

One of my co-workers is the lead singer in a band and likes to wear fun outfits to her shows. Recently we’ve started making stuff for her and teaching her how to pattern clothes. I had this idea a while back, ran it past her, and jumped right in.

The end idea is for this to be a flower-fairy vibe, with the fluffy pink skirt and a green bustier (built on top of the bra) that finishes in mock bracts so she looks like a flower.

I started off with 30 yards of nylon tulle–nine different shades and textures of pink and one shade of spring green. I also got some pink poly satin at Discount Fabrics for the base of the skirt and some green lining fabric to make the opaque layer of the top.

And then I started throwing ruffles at the thing.

I probably could or should have done this in an organized manner, but one of the things I really enjoy about working on this is it’s much more wild and slapdash than the sewing I usually do. I will have to be more accurate on the top, but I really like just running miles of tulle through my sewing machine to create floof.

According to William “it looks like you’re being eaten by cotton candy,” which works for me.

Also the 27 yards of pink tulle I started with was really not sufficient. Thankfully Discount Fabrics had 40 yard bolts on sale for $15, so I was able to pick up a medium shade of pink to add some more volume.

I’m excited to see this on an actual person because I’m hoping the different pinks will peak out as they move. Also, like 99% of the adult population, my co-worker is larger than I am so I had to pad the dress form out. The only thing I had convenient was some towels, so it looks a bit like she got out of the shower and then put a bra on without losing the towel. Whoops.

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