Me Birthday!

Is coming up.  I shall be 26, which is slightly scary as 25 is definitely mid-twenties and 26 is headed towards late-twenties.

I know this sounds silly if you, like my mother, are 68, but I really thought I would be well onto a career by now and instead I am working retail and headed back to school for something completely different, in another country, quite far away.

Anyway, I have started to get the birthday present question.  If you would like to get me a thing, here is a list.  Getting me things is in no way required!  I also don’t really need anything!  But gifts are nice.

My etsy favorites

Any silk gimp from here in black, red, or dark green (just think blackwork colors)

This book

The small needles and thimbles from here

Two of these

And if you really want to drop some money on me:

I fell in love with this at GWW but couldn’t justify buying it, and I really wish I had.  So if you want to ask them to make another that would be appreciated!


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