I vanished again

So the first 3 weeks of this month were crazy stressful, and then I went to Crown, and then sewing was less stressful but work was more stressful….and I didn’t have pictures. But I’m alive, I swear!

My goals for Crown originally were:

1. Get Spanish 1520s done

2. Get William’s shirt done

3. Get lace samples done

4. Get coif to the place where it is displayable

This quickly turned into

1. Don’t lose sanity

2. Make a garment so you don’t freeze on Sunday

3. Get William’s shirt so it looks like a shirt for the Wreath of Athena competition.

And those things did get done!

I checked the weather the week beforehand and freaked out that it was predicted to be a high of 64 and a low of 44. I went to discount fabrics, bought 3.5 yards of this weird wool/cashmere/bamboo/silk blend on clearance, and made a sideless surcote.

This involved some weird piecing– I cut the side seams super low, which looks great on taller reenactors! But on me the proportions are weird, so I pieced in a wonky triangle thing and then put a dart in so it fit to my hips. This raised the cut a couple inches and looked much better.

My custom 14th C belt from Lorifactor showed up, and I am really pleased!

Apologies for squinting, etc, but I FINALLY have a picture of this dress! I’ve only worn it to 3 events and a war….

My shirt did not even make it into the top 3 for Wreath of Athena, but my friend Eva’s shield did! The winner made a fabulous piece of tablet weaving, and I’m in the process of naturally dyeing some of the pound of 30/2 silk I have from Tanaka Nao in Kyoto for him to play with.

This weekend I also finally set out to dye the 6 yards of white wool Saionji-Sensei gave me ages ago.

Osage Orange dyepot– it came out VERY lemon yellow, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. The contrasting trim is also not very contrasty, so something is probably getting dyed again.

I was also finally able to go to another small, chill, local event!

Those of you who have been reading for a while will remember my very first SCA event–12th Night 2018. At that event Trystan, and Liz de Belcaire, and Saionji all said “You need to meet Sarah”

Sarah being Sarah Lorraine, local 16th C costumer, 1/3rd of the original Frock Flicks cast, and overall awesome human being.

The next time William ran into her he told her she needed to meet me, and we proceeded to completely miss each other for a year.

We finally met!

It’s possible we might secretly be related. Unclear.

Newcomers was great. I got to play with some period calligraphy stuff, demonstrate spinning, hang out with awesome women, and wear a pretty dress. That’s about 85% of what I like about the SCA.

I finally feel like

a) I need to stop buying fabric because it is everywhere and

b) I actually have an event wardrobe that works for a variety of events and weather situations, so I can stop frantically making myself clothes and start working on other stuff. My coif is slowly creeping along, I have to sew for other people, and I really want to finally make largesse.

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