Dear Glasgow,

  • Your grannies are a national treasure, look after them.
  • I sort of…forgot…that people smoke cigarettes. Whoops.
  • People walk their dogs without leashes?? And the dogs don’t run off and chase a squirrel up a tree?? I don’t understand but it seems like a great idea since the dogs can stop to sniff things and then catch up with their human.
  • Despite all the mythos about Scottish weather it has rained for about 10 minutes in the last 3 days. Light misty drizzle doesn’t count.
  • So far we have seen five Aston Martins and one Tesla, which is a major change from home.
  • Kelvingrove park is AMAZING this is a climate that actually supports soft, green lawns and giant beech trees and I love it.
  • Corporate office buildings sometimes have turrets??!!

We checked, that’s an accountant’s office

  • I love the John Lewis homewares department. Dad didn’t give me an opportunity to select an Aesthetic vase for my desk but I WILL be back for one.
  • Also residence halls here give you your own room and your own bathroom. Thank god. The bathroom is tiny but at least you don’t have to worry about your roommate leaving her makeup all over the sink.

So far, so good!

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