Year 2 Lessons

Last year I did a post that was “all of the things I learned in my first year of historical costuming!”  I decided that it might be nice to make that a tradition, so here are the things I learned in my second year of historical costuming.


Year Two lessons

End threads well when sewing (hand or machine)

Padstitching/basting is NOT a waste of time

I would much rather trace all my patterns neat with chalk and then cut out with seam allowance than include seam allowance to start out with

Godets are annoying but useful

Running backstitch is great for seams that don’t take strain

It’s really satisfying to finish things properly, even if it takes longer

I don’t like hooks and loops. But sometimes they are necessary

There is no “right” answer. Your well-reasoned interpretation is valid

Don’t try and make an “averaged” garment for two time periods, it will just aggravate you since it isn’t right for either.


(the skirt in the picture is part of the first historical costume I ever made, a few months before I started this blog!  The skirt turned out well but the bodice was kind of a mess, I’m glad to be returning to that style now that I know a bit more what I am doing)

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