Approaching Gift Season

I always feel a little bit awkward about doing this, like “look at all these things I want!  Please buy them for me!” But the reality is that while my family loves me they don’t always know what to do with me…..both in terms of gifts and also social dynamics.  I also love it when my friends do something of this ilk because I LOVE giving gifts and while sometimes I know exactly what I want to get someone, that’s not always the case.

So this is going up so it has a permalink that can be sent to my aunt and grandmother, and if anyone else decides they’d like to buy me a Christmas gift….why.  But also thank you!

My Etsy Favourites, As Always

This book

A Classic Sewing Machine (does not have to be from this link!  There are lots on ebay.  Ideally one that works)

A gift certificate to here (if they have them?)

Or here

Or here (their fine linen is lovely)


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