There’s really no reason for you to read this

Things are coming along!  My camicia is done– I followed the highly recommended instructions here, and got a great reminder of why standing on one end of a measuring tape and holding the other and squinting is not an effective measurement technique.

I intended it to hit at upper ankle, it’s mid-calf.  Whatever.

It’s in a cotton voile from Dharma because there ain’t no way my SPD ass is wearing linen undergarments.  The voile is crisp and white and slightly sheer and should look awesome poking through the lacings on my burgundy dress.

If it’s ever done.

I’ve done the “blackwork” across about half of the front and decided the easiest way to carry it onto the back was to sew the backs to the front before I finish it and just…. try and carry the embroidery over the seam.  Somehow.  Magically.  IT WILL WORK.

That means I’ll probably bag line it, which is not what I had intended (flatlining for the win!) but I’ll live and it’ll make finishing the edges easier.

Last night I also attended my first ever SCA rapier practice!  I fenced foil in college (and sabre as a small, hyperviolent child) but I really wanted to learn how to actually sword fight and that’s basically what this is.  I’m way too weak to really do anything now but I’ll get back there.

(I’m also slightly regretting dropping a bunch of money on hat blocks as now I really want a sword.  That being said I can use the hat blocks to make hats to sell to buy a sword, and I’m sure I’ll feel differently when I have hat blocks that actually work well together instead of the weird cobbled together stuff we have at work.  I have guilt about spending money, blame my father)

So yeah this is mostly a filler post to make sure that I don’t completely abandon this blog.  I might add photos tomorrow but it is 11:10 which is about 40 minutes after my bedtime.  And the photos would be of rolled sleeve hems which are not interesting.

Callie Out.

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