Hats hats hats

One of my more recent crafting addictions is blocking hats.  It’s a somewhat unfortunate addiction because hat blocks are really expensive. We have some at work but they’re not geared to what I want to do soooooo….

All my Christmas presents are hat blocks. Go to Guy Morse Hat Blocks if you want to be sad about how much money you have and spy some custom orders for Philip Treacy in their specials section.

That being said….. I found a set of four button fascinator blocks on eBay, with a stand, for the grand prize of $76 inc shipping from China. So I guess I’m making fascinators now?

It occurred to me that felt is wool and I’m pretty good at painting and dyeing wool (from my 3rd or 4th other life as an indie yarn dyer) and what exactly is stopping me from painting the bases for my hats?

Well, nothing, as it turns out.

These will likely be for sale at Lacis or my etsy site (pardonmeyarns) eventually as my hair is not a fan of hats.

If you want to learn to block hats there’s lots of info on the internet but basically:

1) get felt

2) get thing to make hat shape

3) get some way to attach #1 to #2 (I use pins, but some people like string or clips)

4) start putting #1 on #2, steaming frequently. I use an iron because I do not own a steamer– hold it about an inch away from what you’re working on and jam that steam button a few times. You will need to exercise some force, but keep pulling until you get the felt to fit what you want. Utilize #3. Let dry.

5) decorate!! This is fun but also annoying.

In other news my “blackwork” is coming along and soon I will have to deal with A Seam. *shudders*

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