East Egg, West Egg

East Egg, West Egg

Every year the Art Deco Society of California throws a massive picnic party on the grounds of the Dunsmuir-Hellman Estate in Oakland, and about 1300 people are invited in their finest summer wear from the nineteen twenties through the early nineteen forties.  This is the Gatsby Summer Afternoon, or as most people call it, "Gatsby." [...]


Twelfth Night is done, so we're moving on! Next two priorities are Edwardian Ball and SCA fighty clothes. First, Ed Ball: Extant dress needs a little work: Here you can see (hopefully) where I re-gathered the skirt and attached it to the bodice. The sash needs to be attached to the overskirt better, and the [...]

Hats hats hats

One of my more recent crafting addictions is blocking hats.  It's a somewhat unfortunate addiction because hat blocks are really expensive. We have some at work but they're not geared to what I want to do soooooo.... All my Christmas presents are hat blocks. Go to Guy Morse Hat Blocks if you want to be [...]