Hats and Ed Ball Anxiety

Good news: 

Smol hat friend has feathers!

It’s very hard to photograph a hat on your own head ok.  

This lil guy is still waiting on veiling that I bought on the internet but so far fascinators are SUPER FUN.

Bad news: I might’ve overreached myself.

Edwardian Ball is coming up and I thought “Hey! This is a great time to actually finish that Nyx costume you’ve been planning for 14 months”

I scored a Luna overbust from Valkyrie corset’s sample sale and proceeded to embellish the life out of it

 (apologies for the angle, I don’t have a dress form)

Then the idea was to pair that with a dip-dyed skirt that’s deep blue at the bottom and fades into ivory and an 1880s-style apron overskirt in grey silk chiffon.  The skirt has lots of crystals so it looks like the night sky with the moon shrouded in mist.

Andddd all of that is a lot of work that suddenly has a deadline! 

I’ve made the skirt, which should’ve been simple but wasn’t because the Reconstructing History pattern I used resulted in a waist six inches larger than it was supposed to be. This is a fitted trumpet skirt not a big 1860s hooped monster– six inches is a lot.

A giant box pleat at center back fixed that problem, but the skirt is kind of limp as I’m going to dye it post-sewing and I was worried a lining might take the indigo differently from the crepe de chine outside, so now I need to modify a petticoat to support it properly.

Oh and the skirt needs a hem, then I need to set up an indigo vat and embellish the heck out of it. Oh, right, and the chiffon part. And finishing the corset.


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