Projects I will probably never make

Projects I will probably never make

I'm in a weird sort of mood-- I didn't sleep well, and I'm stressed about school-- so we're doing something a little less optimistic than usual.  Plus, if I write this now and I am ever low on project inspiration I can come back here and get some ideas! It looks like I am going [...]

Rooster Dudes

Ok, firstly, the Lipperheide Punto de Milano project has been banished. This thing. Gone. Adios. No more. ....ok, I didn't throw it away or anything, it's hidden in a corner of my sewing basket, but mentally it is dead to me. Why? Well, it was too sloppy, the thread/fabric combo really didn't work, and it's [...]

Why am I awake

It's.... been a rough week.... but a definite highlight was going to Edwardian Ball with my friend Myles! I still suck at this blogging thing, so I don't have a ton of photos. The event itself is very cool-- I definitely recommend going to the faire on Friday as it is much, much less crowded [...]


Twelfth Night is done, so we're moving on! Next two priorities are Edwardian Ball and SCA fighty clothes. First, Ed Ball: Extant dress needs a little work: Here you can see (hopefully) where I re-gathered the skirt and attached it to the bodice. The sash needs to be attached to the overskirt better, and the [...]


I've always had a love/hate relationship with corsetry. I fell in love with Sparklewren and Morgana Femme Couture when I was fifteen and dreamt of the elegant, feminine, powerful silhouettes. But when I got my first Isabella Corsetry underbust at 17 my hipbones ached and it pinched my ribs and everything just hurt. A corset [...]