Accessories time

Sleeves for 12th Night are…. In progress.

I mostly ignored the instructions on the pattern to make these. I sewed the top seam with wrong sides together, clipped the seam and turned it right side out and basically treated it as flatlined.

As you can tell by the shape these are NOT meant to close all the way. I’m going to tie them together in 3 or 4 places, probably with a fine silk ribbon for ribbon embroidery. They’ll also lace onto the bodice.

I may/may not slash them since you’ll see a lot of chemise at the underarm already.

Then we move onto headgear and I cannot for the LIFE of me find anything like the caps they’re wearing in this painting.

Soooo I’m gonna have to figure out how to make one. It looks like some sort of soft linen cap with a black?? circlet?? thing?? on top, and then hair loose under it. 

At some point I want to make a black wool tabard to wear overy this dress but that’s Very Low Priority.

I’m a little disappointed in how plain this is but I’ll live– the materials are accurate and the handiwork is good, even if I won’t be stopping any traffic.

Up next is a doublet to wear for SCA events where I’m fighting. More on that when the fabric arrives. 

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