Hip hip HUZZAH

First SCA event was a success!

Tied, Tranzado-ed, and ready to go

I met a lot of people– including fangirling at Tristan from Frock Flicks and reconnecting with the guy who got me into this nonsense in the first place. The latter involved simultaneously hugging someone and yelling “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT,” which is not something I’ve done before.

I skipped a fair amount of court, which is a decision I’m happy with.

On a costuming note, Good Things:

  • SUPER COMFY my god, compared to 19th century renaissance rocks
  • I was worried about my sleeve ties and back lacing coming undone, but nothing!

Slight niggles:

  • Guys I hate my chin. And yet I put this on the internet because I look like a Raphael painting and I love it
    No idea what the period method to keep a tranzado on is but this ain’t it
  • Speaking of which, said tranzado was not very even/smooth, which is how it looks in paintings. Might be artistic license or I might be doing something wrong.
  • The cordonnet I used for the sleeve head ties and back lacing likes to slide around. The lacing was fine but some of the ties needed tightening and I snapped one trying to tighten it too aggressively. Might need to find something else.

All in all I’m really happy with it!  Eventually more pieces to layer on this will happen, but that’s low-priority right now. First comes fighty clothes, and since my fabric passed the drop test that’s next on the SCA list.

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