Twelfth Night is done, so we’re moving on! Next two priorities are Edwardian Ball and SCA fighty clothes.

First, Ed Ball:

Extant dress needs a little work:

Here you can see (hopefully) where I re-gathered the skirt and attached it to the bodice.

The sash needs to be attached to the overskirt better, and the overskirt itself needs more snaps as some don’t fit and it drops a bit.

Anddddd you can’t see what’s going on here but the end of the sash is unfinished and needs bars for the hooks to connect to.

Other than the dress, my boss gave me this fantastic beaded bag

You can’t tell here but the beads have a lovely AB shimmer. There’s one place that needs stabilising but otherwise it’s perfect and somehow she got it for $5????

Shoes are coming from The Internet, and I’m making a hat using a Lynn McMasters pattern.

Progress so far–I attached a wire. There’s gonna be a lot of handsewing here.  The hat is mostly going to be a silk/rayon velvet from Dharma, unsure about decorations.
SCA Fighty Clothes

I’m making the doublet from View I and the venetians from view V as trunkhose is weird without a codpiece and I…. do not possess that piece of anatomy.

Since the doublet needs to be 3 layers of linen to pass the safety test I’ve had to come up with a way to do this without giant, bulky seams. 

I think I’m going to flatline the outer linen with the “strength layer” and sew the body and skirts. Then sew the body and skirt from the lining and blindstitch the edges together for tidyness. The sleeves will just be all three layers flatlined together because when I’ve tried to bag line things with the sleeves attached it never works and the lining is floaty and weird.  There will be 6-layer seams at the underarms but if I clip and whipstitch them it should be fine. I think. 

I’m gonna cheat the drawstring on the knees of the venetians by using elastic as I have heard otherwise they get uncomfortable for fighting. No one kill me.

Soooo these should keep me busy for a few weeks! 

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