Doubleting down

My SCA fighty doublet is in progress! I started by cutting out the fashion fabric and interlining together.  This was a Bad Choice as my scissors were unhappy with four layers of linen.

I don’t normally finish the insides of my costumes very well because I’m lazy and there’s no real need. I wear lots of undergarments and only wear them for a couple hours at a time.  I’m going to sweat in this, though, so I want to be able to wash it. 

I zigzagged the fashion fabric and interlining together using the last of the thread from my Spanish Renaissance dress.

All gone šŸ˜Ÿ

Then…. I made a choice. 

As-is this was going to be pretty boring, so I decided I wanted to quilt the sleeves.  So I bought a very expensive spool of silk thread and went at it.

The inside sleeve seam was stitched and then I sewed diagonal lines every 1.5″ to form paralellograms.

This was… easier said than done. There was some weird biasing going on, so it was really hard to both draw and sew straight lines. It looks better now than it did in-progress.

Also glad my water-soluble pencil is actually washable, as there was a lot of scribbling going on.

 I also made some Choices about my sewing schedule.

Thursday night: leave rapier practice early as my back hurts. Proceed to crawl around on the floor for an hour cutting out d oublet pieces.

Friday morning: zig-zag everything.

Friday night: quilt sleeves

Saturday night: Sew body and skirt of ff+il. Cut out lining. Sew body and skirt of lining.

Sunday: 2 hours of blindstitching.

My back was NOT happy about this, so I’m backing off.

I’ve bought buttons, so I just need to finish blindstitching the lining in, add the sleeves, hem the sleeves, and do the buttonholes.

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