Back On Hats!

I’ll get back to that doublet eventually…. there were some issues… But in the meantime, hats!

If you recall smol hat friends 1 and 2, I have some updates! Both are done and for sale at Lacis.

Smol hat friend 2 missed it’s photo shoot–why am I so bad at this– but here’s my co-worker putting up with my weirdness:

My Christmas hat blocks finally showed up and, as hoped for, they will be perfect for Edwardian big-brimmed hats. These are multiblocks from Guy Morse so I can turn them into other things as well. 

And continuing my adventures in dyeing felt for hats we have this beauty:

I’m really really pleased with this one. I’m also dyeing some feathers to match, so you can enjoy this late-night shot of a soggy, deflated ostrich plume.

I’m getting slightly paranoid that it won’t fluff up again….

Oh, and I got into Glasgow for Fall of 2019!  Just… Throwin’ that in at the end, there.

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