Putting it all together

Please excuse squinting it was really sunny!

I’ve got fighting clothes and I’ve got a sword.



I’ve posted about the doublet before– the pants are venetians from the same pattern pack.  I did not understand the lining instructions so I ignored them– probably better for ease of movement.  They’re surprisingly comfortable to move in although I wish I’d made the waistband maybe half an inch longer– I forgot to add length for the end turn-overs.  Rookie mistake.

It’s hard to see in these photos but the fly closes with pewter lacing eyes and ties– it’s a fun period detail that I love!  I’m going to go in and add another layer of 7 oz linen behind the fly panel as SCA rapier requires puncture-proof clothing over the groin and the way the doublet falls there’s a bit of a gap there.


The gorget and sword are both from Castille Armory and I cannot recommend them enough!  I emailed Sam saying that I am extremely petite and wanted a lightweight sword, and that I liked one he’d made for one of the female fighters at our practice.  He recommended what selections I make from their “build your own rapier” function so I placed the order and waited.

Of course they didn’t just pluck parts from a bit and assemble a sword– the grip is shorter to accompany my smaller hands, and there are some other modifications to the hilt and guard.  I love it!  It’s very light and extremely fast to use, which is my usual fighting mode.

At some point I’ll drop some cash on period shoes and boots from Boots by Behemond, but these ones I picked up on sale in Carmel a couple years ago work just fine although I might put insoles in for fighting.

(Yes, I wear my gorget backwards.  For rapier I’m more worried about front protection than back, especially as I don’t have a breastplate that covers my sternum and I’m pretty bony there.  In a sports bra I’m more flat chested than some guys so this works for me.)

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