I’m back-back-back again!

I know, I vanished for a second there…. but I’m back!

The main reason I haven’t been writing is pretty simple– I haven’t been crafting.  I had a pretty emotionally draining week and just took a while to nap and read a lot and wait for the urge to return to me.  It’s back now, but I’m taking advantage of the fact that for the first time in months I’m not sewing to a deadline of some kind so I’m playing around with different projects.

I’m an only child born to older parents, with the result that I am the youngest cousin in my family by a reasonable amount.  My eldest cousins are in their thirties and having kids, and since my mom and I are… um…. ridiculous, we’ve been making a lot of stuff for the babies.

Two years ago my cousin Caroline had Charlie, and I knit him a sweater, a hat, a baby blanket, booties, and a stuffed elephant toy.

Screenshot 2018-02-13 11.50.10.png
Charlie in his sweater with my dad

A year ago my cousin Alex’s wife Ellen had Taylor, and I knit her a sweater, a baby blanket, and a stuffed cow toy.

Screenshot 2018-02-13 11.50.00.png
Taylor with her mom in her sweater

Now Caroline is pregnant again and this baby’s getting a sweater and a baby blanket and I am running out of time since I spent a solid six months there sewing historical costumes instead of knitting.

The sweater is the Wee Austin Hoodie, and it is adorable.  Mine is in an awkward phase right now, and the yarn will not stop rolling, which is driving me a tad insane, but I have faith.

On the sewing side I got over my fear of hand-sewn buttonholes and started in on my doublet.  These are taking forever and I really really need beeswax.

My first ever buttonhole!

I also decided on my gala dress for CoCo– a while back I started a bright pink and black 1912 evening gown inspired by one we have at the shop that is *sniff* *sob* TOO BIG FOR ME.

The entire center-front panel is being covered in gelatin sequins by hand.  The base dress will be this vividly pink silk charmeuse, and then the overskirt and kimono sleeves are a black chantilly lace I got super cheap off etsy.


Obviously this is not the world’s fastest process, but I’m watching lots of Hey Qween on youtube and chugging along.

Next up- The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and my re-kindled obsession with 1950s clothing.  HELP

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