It’s here! I’m reclining on a king bed at the Woodland Hills Marriott in LA which is currently full of fantastically dressed ladies.

I flew in yesterday and proceeded to have a major freak-out. I am not good at groups, guys! And costuming royalty is here– I might’ve freaked out when I walked past Merja from Before the Automobile last night, and I definitely complimented Cynthia from Redthreaded on her hair without recognizing her– and everyone seems to have a group. I don’t have a group. I have me and my tiny suitcase of minimal costumes and THAT’S SAMANTHA MCCARTHY FROM COUTURE COURTESAN.

Yeah. There was some crying, then I got my shit together, showered, ate dinner at PF Chang’s with my hair dripping water everywhere, and prepped for the pool party.

A couple years back Jen and I went to maker faire and I wore this steampunk beachcomber slash sea nymph contraption and we took. Zero. Pictures. When I saw the pool party was “Realm of the Goblin King” themed I figured I’d pull it out again.

(Quick aside– my hotel room lighting SUCKS for pictures. I tried guys, I really did)

Yes, those are false eyelashes with peacock feathers attached. And yes, I had a glue explosion and spent ten minutes picking bits of latex out of my eyelashes.

The outfit started out like this:

Andddd we ended up here

It was 95° out, guys, the corset didn’t last.

Despite my anxieties I had a lot of fun at the pool party and actually stayed for almost two hours! I did not take pictures (grrrrrr bad Callie) but my favorite outfit was probably the lady in the corset with hand-felted mushrooms growing out of it. Soooo cool.

Today I decided I’d pull out that 1940s dress I never wore to a PEERS event because I am a massive flake when it comes to social events (heh).

I have learned that no matter how I futz with them, my rear garter clip will always feel like it’s about to let go. Just relax and accept the stockings.

My 40s hair styling is improving!

This morning I took a class on the St Birgitta cap, which was mostly a bunch of ladies handsewing and talking about the SCA. My kind of morning. I was going to sit in on the History of Bobbin Lace class but it apparently got cancelled?

Good timing, though, because my corselette was starting to drive me nuts. I lost the dress, stockings, hair, and make-up, but not before I had a fun Veronica Lake moment!

I kinda want to try and set all my hair now…

The next 3 hours I’m gonna veg in my room and then hit up the marketplace this afternoon! I’m skipping the social tonight in favor of downtime because guys. So many people. There is a class on bias short hose though…. Hmmmmmmmm

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