Womp womp

We’re at a week till I leave for Costume College…. And I’ve spent the last week with a fever up to 103° and a super helpful ER diagnosis of “well, we know it’s not bacterial meningitis”

Soooo that pink dress? Is not happening. The lace oversleeves are still not sewn on, there is no skirt, no hem, no closures, and I am being GOOD and not pushing myself. I’m going to wear my Edwardian ball dress instead and feel a little bit sad.

Is ok. I’m trying this new thing where I’m nice to myself.

In good news Yitka really liked her new garb!

I was worried the sleeves were too short but no! Yay! And her squire belt makes my illogical trim pattern actually work…. My friend Darrin didn’t know I’d made her garb and told me “oh, I thought she looked extra spiffy!” which was a great compliment.

I am so looking forward to having some time to do whatever the fuck I want. I’ve been experimenting more with period lacemaking and really enjoying it.

Yes, I made a super sketchy roller pillow out of my spare foam roller. It actually works. I’m as surprised as anyone. The lace is a double/triple picot that’s going to go on the neck and cuffs of my 1520s chemise in some Gutermann silk thread I bought when I first started my Nyx costume three years ago and still was going to make the skirt ivory habotai instead of white crepe de chine.

They’re barely visible under her partlet but check out the tiny picots on Elenor of Toledo’s smock.

Now in 1520 (as opposed to later in the 16th century) these would likely not have been bobbin lace but made with a needle. I’m not submitting this for A&S so I don’t really care. But I try to tell you guys when I’m mixing periods so someone doesn’t use my blog as a source for bobbin lace in the 1520s.*

* please don’t use my blog as a source for anything except amusement and inspiration. I am still learning; and although I know about some things I am often wrong.

Other upcoming adventures:

  • Gatsby! I have all my dress stuff but need to buy a parasisal hat blank
  • Spanish loose gown or “ropa”
  • Some embroidered gifts for folks

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