Escapades with Alcega

My right wrist gave an almighty crack this morning and then stopped hurting!  My left still hurts but I’m right handed so we’re moving back into sewing.  Weirdly my wrist doesn’t hurt but the muscles in my forearms are still tight so I’m going to keep heat-packing and massaging those.

Despite the fact that I can do handwork again I’m still on my drafting kick, so I fired up the ol’Mathematica and started coding.

(You forgot I was a chemistry major for a second there, didn’t you.  Even better, I was a chemistry major at Carnegie Mellon. You leave there with a CS minor from anywhere else, because CMU.  I’ve done everything from deriving the bandwidth of proteins migrating through a gel to calculating the power output of a OLED)

Here’s a PDF file of the math I did– the good thing about Mathematica is theoretically all I have to do is enter another B measurement and re-run all the cells and it will re-calculate the dimensions for any body size and you can see if it makes a pattern that will fit your body.  It works quite well for me, as you can read, but I imagine if you were short and wide or very tall and thin you would actually need to use a separate height tape as described in The Modern Maker.


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