Stir crazy

Officially diagnosed with tendonitis in both forearms! Fun! Cool! Great!

Yeah no, I’m about half an inch away from losing my mind especially now that my wrists mostly aren’t hurting. It makes it much harder to not use them, but I know I shouldn’t.

(Weird aside– turns out taking 4 Advil liquigels a day makes waxing your legs totally painless! A nice change, that)

Some life updates:

We did the Dickens thing! Very pleased with the updates I made to my outfit. I also found a chatelaine there that I love! I’d been looking for one and it’s hard to find a good quality chatelaine that isn’t sterling silver. This one is pewter with acorns and leaves and I will wear it to work with a pencil and scissors.

I forgot my shawl, annoyingly. It was so much fun to have a costume buddy since Felicia and I both did 1850s this year. We got lots of attention which made us both giggle.

I uh

Spent a while machine sewing before getting told that that Is Not Resting My Hands.

Mostly completed 1520s bodice, based on Das Trachtenbuch. Given that I patterned this by

1. Tracing the pattern I used on my red dress

2. Extending the bodice and changing the neckline to that Tudor curve

I’m impressed and pleased that it actually, you know, worked although I did have to take the side seams in.

Since I can’t do handsewn eyelets I hid modern eyelet tape in the side.

The trim is black satin on black silk– very subtle and very 16th C Spanish Inquisition Era I Am Very Catholic But Also Wealthy Because Dyeing Things Black Is Costly.

There are some issues– I still think of construction in terms of handsewing, which uses a different set of skills and tools– but I think it is going well! The skirt is assembled and will get attached when I can, you know, do things. I also have fabric for a falda verdugado hanging out waiting its turn.

I’m getting a little anxious about getting everything done for Twelfth Night– embroidery and my dress. I should be fine though! Hopefully! Eeek!

That being said– this is the first time since I was three years old that I’m not crafting… And I don’t do too well at idleness. I’m trying, I really am, but without being able to do a lot of the things that I love it’s hard to muster enthusiasm about…well, anything, really. I could also perhaps do with a vacation– my brain thinks it’s time for semester break. I was in school continuously from 3-24 and that rhythm is hard to break.

So I’m in a bit of a downswing at the moment. Good news is I’m putting weight on! Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to exercise soon; I’m missing yoga something fierce, and it’d help my back pain as well.

(If you don’t know me outside of the internet, I’m in anorexia recovery. It’ll be three years in January and it’s still really, really hard)

3 thoughts on “Stir crazy

  1. I love your 1850s dress! It’s so pretty! I hope your wrists heal very quickly so you can get back to sewing and all the other things!



    1. Oh thank you! It was one of the first historical costumes I ever made and although the hem is a disaster of piecing it turned out pretty well!

      My wrists are doing better–I went to a SCA event yesterday and was able to embroider for an hour or so with NO pain! Other than that I’ve been behaving but I was going to lose my mind.


      1. That’s cool! I’m just getting into historical costuming, and one of my first costumes was an 1860s day dress! Hemming and pleating those big skirts are a pain!!

        That’s great! Hopefully they will be 100% well soon!


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