Greetings from Ojai!

Happy Christmas all, I am at a rich person resort in SoCal with my relations.

It’s beautiful but a very odd experience, given that I identify much more with the people working the front desk than I do the other guests.

Ah, well, won’t hurt to get out of my comfort zone.

I’m also confusing people by embroidering in weird places, because Twelfth Night is coming up fast and the two weeks off because of my hands definitely stressed me out.

(I started PT for that– de Quervain’s tendonitis. Stretching and heating definitely helps, although using chopsticks at lunch yesterday was surprisingly hard)

The big blackwork piece is almost done!

I still need to deal with a lot of ends, and there are a couple more “finial” elements on the bottom of both the column bases on the ends.

Rooster Dudes have more fill, although as you can see I am procrastinating on finishing the urn. Sometimes you just want to not have to think and just do LACS until you hit a line and turn around.

I’m working on the handkerchief I donated to the Camp fire auction– the recipient wanted a coat of arms with three holly leaves. I thought a lot about how to do that in blackwork and decided it made the most sense to do the later Elizabethan style of an uncounted outline and a counted fill. It’s going well, although this is not a style I’ve tried before.

As for presents day– well, that’s a little anticlimactic. My folks and I did presents before we left and although new printer toner and wiper blades for my car will be very helpful…they weren’t exactly exciting. I did find some alum at the World’s Fanciest Craft Shop (Catawampus Crafts here in Ojai, literally like being in a Kinfolk spread it was slightly ridiculous) and that will be very helpful with some upcoming projects.

Four Christmas gifts have been bought/delivered, two are ready to be given at 12th Night, and two more are in progress. I’ve only received my mom’s reaction, which is that (truthfully) her book on Antico Serificio Fiorentino was as much a gift for ME as it was for HER. I still think she’ll enjoy it–fabric, Florence and Ghirlandaio paintings, what’s not to like?!

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