T-minus 5 days

Yeah I signed up for too much stuff. That’s ok! I think I’ll get it done!

My Spanish Burgundian dress is DONE, pictures to follow. I did kind of um…fuck up… Because I had one of my old tranzado scarves that I was going to dye to make the sash…..and I left it in Berkeley.

I can’t wear a white belt because I’m no where near being a knight, so I’ll have to improvise.

I’ve started working on the rollo, which is the turban-y thing at the base of the truncated henin here:

My first attempt


Second attempt

Better, but still no.

I think I’m going to just take the remaining 3/4 yard of velvet, roll it into a log, somehow make it into a loop, and use that. I could theoretically leave the rollo off, but it’s one of the weird hybrid things I love about this style, so I’d like to have one!

Rant interlude

I need to have A Chat with whoever formulates Dharma’s fiber reactive dyes, because this dye was called “burgundy.”

It’s a nice color, but it sure as hell is NOT burgundy. Raspberry, maybe? It’s also a color that would be near-impossible to dye without cochineal, which was not available in Spain in 1475 (the buggos are native to Mexico).

So I am not terribly pleased about that.

End rant

Big blackwork piece is DONE!

Don’t worry, the reading glasses are a protective measure to ensure I’ll still be able to do this in 20 years.

Now that it’s done you can really see the spacing and proportion issues, mainly that Face Guy really should be evenly placed between the leaves on the top and bottom and he….very much is not. Ah, well. Lessons have been learned.

I’m moving on to an Even Bigger Blackwork Project, although it won’t be in black. There are some steps I need to do before I actually start, sadly, as much as I want to PUT FABRIC IN FRAME START NOW!!

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