Why am I awake

It’s…. been a rough week…. but a definite highlight was going to Edwardian Ball with my friend Myles!

I still suck at this blogging thing, so I don’t have a ton of photos. The event itself is very cool– I definitely recommend going to the faire on Friday as it is much, much less crowded and there were still a lot of people for my taste.

My outfit ended up like this:

Other than being really paranoid about damaging the dress (which didn’t happen) I’m super pleased with this. It was very comfortable and a nice change from Dickens where I was wading through crowds in a crinoline. Wearing white was also a good idea as it made me easier to spot. I got quite a few compliments from people who recognized me as being in correct period even though that’s not really the point of Edwardian ball.

A quick run-through:

Dress: antique, I date it to 1914ish, from Lacis

Shoes: antique, 1918-1920, bought on etsy. Fit great although I needed to shorten the ankle strap.

Bag: vintage, my fabulous boss got it for me for only $5, no clue how.

Gloves: Grandma Nini’s, as always

Pearls: Bought at the ball! They matched so perfectly I couldn’t resist.

For my hair I tied a piece of modern lace trim around my head, sprayed the front of my hair with volumising stuff and pulled it over the trim and pinned it in back. Then I divided my hair into ~5 sections, twisted them, let them kink up, and pinned them in place.

This involved about 50 bobby pins ( I have a lot of hair) but it held pretty well and I think it looks nice! I got the idea from a beauty book from 1910 on Google books.

All in all a lovely time was had, although I am not great at staying out past about 7:30 at night and will probably spend today napping.

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